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Buy NFTs without wallets or cryptocurrency

Mint with your
credit card


Don't wait for funds to settle. Crossmint eliminates the bottleneck of exchanges and allows you to mint right now with a credit or debit card.

Minting API

Create and deliver NFTs in a single API call

Launch your NFTs in seconds

Mint, upload the metadata to IPFS, pin it, and airdrop it with one single API call

Send them to anyone

Deliver your NFTs to any wallet or email address. No wallet required, we can create them on the fly

Manage your collections easily

Each collection is tied to their own contract, which you own and control. Change the metadata via API calls

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Do you create or sell NFTs?

Discover the benefits of adding Crossmint to your site. Crossmint supports Solana, Ethereum, Polygon and Avalanche NFTs.

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Integrate credit card payments in your drop in under 10 lines of code and less than 5 minutes.

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