1. How does Crossmint work?

When the customer pays with credit card, we convert the fiat for crypto and mint on their behalf directly from your smart contract. For you it’s exactly as if the customer was minting using a wallet. You receive the same amount of crypto instantly.

2. Why should I add Crossmint to my mint?

Projects that enable Crossmint usually have 15-25% of the volume minted via credit card. Considering that it only takes 5 minutes to set up, this is probably the activity with the highest ROI you could do right now.

4. How long does it take to add Crossmint?

5 minutes and 5 lines of code. That’s it!

5. Can my community still mint with a normal wallet?

Yes! Crossmint is a complement to the traditional wallet. Your community can pick the one they prefer!

6. How do I implement Pay with Crossmint?

Head over to the NFT Creators page and click on Get started. Or come ask the team on Discord.

Your developers can implement the button based on our quick start guide right now.

7. Is there any chargeback risk?

No. Crossmint assumes full responsibility of any chargebacks

8. How does Crossmint differ from competitors?

We offer the best user experience. Your community can buy in just 1 minute whereas other providers require KYC on the point of sale.

We have instant settlements instead of up to 3 days!

We have the easiest integration: 5 minutes. That’s it! No minting or airdrops. We take care of everything.

9. Can I add Crossmint if I have a whitelist?

Yes, but it will only work for the public sale. Whitelist support will be released shortly!

10. What blockchains does Crossmint support?

We are currently live on Solana, Ethereum and Polygon! More coming!

11. Is the credit card data secure?

All payments data is securely processed and stored directly by Stripe without Crossmint’s involvement.

12. Can I airdrop NFTs to people who minted via Crossmint?

Yes! Any airdropped NFTs will automatically show up on the customers Crossmint wallet

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