1. What is Crossmint?

Crossmint is a tool for NFT creators to accept credit card payments. It enables anyone to mint an NFT in 1 minute using their gmail and credit card. No wallet or crypto required.

2. How do I access the NFT I purchased?

You can access your NFTs at any time. Simply navigate to crossmint.io sign in, and click the profile button (your username) in the upper right corner.

3. Can I transfer my NFT to a different wallet?

You can choose to keep your NFTs in your Crossmint wallet or to send them to your own wallet, such as Phantom for Solana or MetaMask for Ethereum.

To do so, go to your profile on crossmint.io, find the NFT you would like to export, and tap the Export button.

Please note that NFT exports may take 1 business day to complete.

4. How is paying with Crossmint better than using a crypto wallet?

The usual journey to purchase an NFT is tedious: getting a crypto wallet, entering long passphrases, figuring out where to buy cryptocurrencies in an exchange, and then transferring them to your wallet. For first time buyers, this takes up to 7 days due to the withdrawal limitations of all major crypto exchanges. Even for return buyers, it's a hassle.

With Crossmint, buyers just need an email address and a credit card to mint an NFT. It works on every device. Having a wallet or cryptocurrency is not required.

5. What payment methods are available with Crossmint?

With Crossmint, you can buy using a credit card, debit card, Apple Pay, or Google Pay

6. Who owns the NFTs purchased using Crossmint?

NFTs purchased via Pay with Crossmint are 100% yours. Crossmint provides the convenience of accessing them by using your email address or social credentials. You can also export them to another wallet if you wish to hold direct custody of them.

7. Is using Crossmint secure?

We provide a secure platform powered by Stripe's world-renowned infrastructure. Crossmint was built by former engineers from some of Silicon Valley's most reputed companies, including Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Whatsapp.

8. What if an NFT I own generates tokens or makes me eligible for an airdrop?

Any airdropped NFTs or generated tokens will be held in your Crossmint account and are availabe for you to export, just like any other NFT you have purchased through Crossmint.

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